Our Roots

In late December 2015, a jam began in the theatre of a gorgeous mansion on the West Side of LA. This casual, small gathering became a weekly occurrence. By late March 2016, a few of the frequent jam attendees expanded it into something much more: a volunteer-run, weekly, curated, private showcase, SunSeshLA.

The problem

venues stopped vetting their talent. both artists and audiences have suffered for it.

if you are an advocate for indie artists, you've probably tried to support local acts, but have been disappointed to find you payed to watch a hodge-podge of drastically different artists ranging from novice to music-only-a-mother-could-love. that was the last time you saw a show on sunset. we haven't been back either.

if you are an indie artist, you've probably had a similar crappy experience playing a show like the one described above. you had to do all of the marketing yourself (a.K.a. bug all of your friends, family, and fans to buy pre-sale tickets). When everything was said and done you spent $500+ to play a 25-45 minute set for the same people you've been playing to since your band formed, in a venue with sh*tty sound and over-priced drinks. We know, it sucks!

The Solution

the volunteers that make up the core crew of sunseshla know this live music epidemic well. We've experienced it both as audience members and artists. we knew something had to be done about it. so, we did something about it. 

Artist advocates, imagine going to a live show where every artist is hand-picked and curated into a line-up that makes sonic sense. imagine going to a venue confident you will be blown away by talent regardless of who's on the bill. all while enjoying the comfort of a state-of-the-art theatre and sound system. that's sunseshla.

artists, imagine being booked for your talent, not your draw. playing for a built-in audience that doesn't talk over your set. getting to know like-minded, talented, hard-working musicians who believe in collaboration and furthering each other's careers. being promoted and endorsed by the venue not only for one show, but several. imagine having a sound check with great sound engineers who care as much about how you sound as you do. imagine not paying $500 to play a show and not stressing about draw. that's sunseshla. 


we are fortunate to be able to utilize this amazing venue, because the owner, Scott Adler, is a truly remarkable human being and patron of the arts. he believes in what we do and thoroughly enjoys watching fantastic artists perform from the comfort of his home. he built it, and we have come.


some people may wonder why we, the core crew, spend so much time organizing and executing this weekly show, without monetary compensation. it's simple, we believe in it. we are working hard to figure out how to bring money in for both the artists and staff, without compromising the experience of the performers or the audience. until then, the community we are fostering, the art, and the passion for artistic integrity are keeping us afloat. if you would like to contribute to our night, please contact us, your contributions are welcomed!

if you don't have moola but want to help, follow us on all our social media platforms. share our content. get on your virtual soapbox and tell everyone about how awesome we are. word-of-mouth is the grassroots' billboard.